Liugong 48 ton China New Hydraulic Crawler Excavators Digger machine For Mining 950E


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♠ New Appearance Design.

♠ Articulated frame with front wheel steering, small turning radius and flexible maneuverability.

♠ Electro-hydraulic control power shift gearbox, 6 gears forward and 3 gears backward.

♠ Internationalized hydraulic fittings, reliable operation.

♠ The action of spade is controlled by full hydraulic pressure.

♠ The rear axle is a three-stage drive axle equipped with NO-SPIN self-locking differential.

♠ The control platform and seat can be adjusted, the control handle and instrument are arranged reasonably, the use is convenient, and the driving comfort is improved.

♠ The cab is luxurious and beautiful, with wide vision and good sealing.

♠ It can be equipped with front bulldozer, back looser, front looser rake and automatic leveling device.


Operating Weight 46,500kg
Bucket Capacity 3.2m³
Engine QSM11
Gross Power 375 hp @ 2,100 rpm
Net Power 349 hp @ 2,100 rpm
Peak Torque 1,898 N•m @ 1,400 rpm
Travel Speed High:5.5km/h
Drawbar Pull 386kN
Swing Speed 8.5rpm
Arm Breakout Force, max, ISO 255(270)kN
Bucket Breakout Force, max, ISO 265(280)kN
Maximum Dig Depth 6,521mm
Reach at Ground Level 10,388mm
Depth of 8’Level Bottom 6,337mm
Maximum Dig Height 9,977mm
Dump Height 7,038mm
Maximum Dig Depth of Vertical Wall 5,204mm
Overall Lenth 11,515mm
Overall Width 3,340mm
Overall Height 3,810mm

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