LIUGONG 2ton Wholesale Mini Hydraulic Excavators Good Prices Of Hydraulic Mini Digger machine 9018F


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This mini excavator has the advantages of flexible and practical, high configuration, high performance, low oil consumption, beautiful appearance and wide application.Suitable for vegetable greenhouses loose,  landscaping of municipal departments, orchard nursery tree digging, concrete pavement broken, sand and stone material mixing and small space construction operations,reducing maintenance and operating costs, improving the degree of mechanization.

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High efficiency and energy saving: The main pump is perfectly matched with the engine to realize the maximum utilization of engine power and improve the work efficiency the fastest in the industry;

Flexible control: full hydraulic pilot control, hydraulically controlled retractable chassis, plug-in collapsible dozer blade, boom deflection to achieve "zero distance" corner digging and other flexible operations;

One machine with multiple functions: rich configuration, adjustable attachment flow, complete attachment expansion and application, realizing a wide range of multi-function, multiple working conditions, and multiple scenarios;

Whether it is a closed or open cab, a standard stick with greater digging force or an extended stick with a larger working range, rubber tracks on paved roads or steel tracks on non-paved roads, you can easily choose.


Operating weight with cab 3980 kg
Operating weight with canopy 3860 kg
Engine power 21.2 kW (28.4 hp) @ 2400 rpm
Bucket capacity 0.06-0.11 m
Maximum travel speed (High) 4.6 km/h
Maximum travel speed (Low) 2.7 km/h
Maximum swing speed 10 rpm
Arm breakout force 20 kN
Bucket breakout force 30 kN
Shipping length 4810 / 4860 mm
Shipping width 1700 mm
Shipping height 2500 mm
Track shoe width (std) 300 mm
Boom 2450 mm
Arm 1320 / 1700 mm
Digging reach 5385 / 5715 mm
Digging reach on ground 5270 / 5603 mm
Digging depth 3085 / 3440 mm
Vertical wall digging depth 2503 / 2713 mm
Cutting height 4710 / 4843 mm
Dumping height 3310 / 3463 mm

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Excavator Hydraulic Crawler Excavator mini Excavator 9018F 2
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Excavator Hydraulic Crawler Excavator mini Excavator 9018F



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